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I’m doing some UX research work with Tweetie. I was able to get it to work (albeit with very frequent crashes) with the old API root.

Do you folks think it’s still worth it to learn Objective-C? Ignoring all job prospects, and I’m already familiar with Swift.

I look at r/The_Donald for the same reasons @liss watches Fox News. I had a nightmare last night that they found out about and we’re preparing for invasion. Instead of the usual falling until you wake up. I couldn’t type to warn @manton and @macgenie. Glad that one wasn’t real.

Me: “Let’s look at the old Micron source code again, it maybe wasn’t that big of an app, maybe you can fix it.”

opens project

On a podcast recently, they talked about this app that was competing with OmniFocus. They said that that app would go from feature request to release in a day. They said that it eventually burned out and the developer disappeared. Then I realized, that’s exactly what happened to me with Micron.

Seeing all of the new folks on (welcome 👋) makes me miss the confusing, yet charming gravatar default. The grey almost looks disabled.

It’s interesting to see this whole QAnon thing where they’re attaching Trump saying the number 17 to refer to a number of something as a show of support (Q is the 17th letter in the alphabet). I’ve noticed people doing this all the time, before this, 17 is just a common number used randomly, even when incorrect.