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Open Standards for More than Just Blogs

As the Indie Web movement gains speed I’ve started to wonder about the future of the Indie Web. Most of technologies that power the current incarnation of the indie are either older than I am or accomplish similar things to the old technologies. However I think it is a bit pretentious to think that Weblog syndication formats are the be-all-end-all for Indie Web standards. (I’m not sure how many people think that they are.)

I think that we need open standards for every aspect of our digital life, Snapchat-like functionality, instant messaging (I know IRC exists), Facebook-like photo album management, Video publishing (This could be done with JSON feed, but it wouldn’t be optimal). All of these things should have the ability to be hosted by other providers, but have a central repository similar to

Web Design is getting big

Yesterday I was looking at the oldest copy of on the internet archive. I noticed something strange. Compared to most modern websites, all of the design elements were much smaller than modern websites.

Compare that with facebook in 2006.

Let’s jump to today.

Woah. The size difference is giant. I’m not quite sure why web design grew so physically larger in that time. Are web designers going blind? I think the catalyst is a combination of screens getting larger and web design going “mobile first”. To me, a website shouldn’t be mobile first, it should be desktop first. If someone is on mobile, they should use the native app for their smartphone. Why dumb down the experience for those of use on desktop?

Trump sends strange emails

Sometime during the 2016 election I signed up for Trump’s mailing list. I thought it would be interesting to see what they were sending out. I was doing this under the assumption that he would loose, and the emails would end in November.

Boy was I wrong.

Sometimes they were pretty weird, like this one, promoting a sticker.

Or this one, selling “Inauguration Pint Glass Sets”:

The most dubious of all were the ones asking for money. It is quite strange to me that an elected president would need money. This one seems to be the worst, as it is written in a needy tone.

Some of them use trumpian capitalization.

At the bottom of every email, beyond a heaping portion of white-space there is this footer.

When you click on “Update Profile”, you go to this gem of Web 1.0.

Bellow is a collection some Trump emails.

The Future of Micron

I don’t know how many people know this, and at one point I even tried my darnedest to hide it. I’m just a high-school sophomore. It’s the reason why Micron has been advancing so quickly, I have nothing better to do. I have essentially no friends, and homework is a breeze. What’s a person to do? Program of course! I was interested in programming before anyone told me what it was. Of course, I was five and my wonderful father had as much of a clue as I did on how programs are made.

He develops interfaces for industrial applications, connecting PLCs to a program known as Wonderware InTouch. So that’s what he started me out with. It wasn’t programming in its most traditional sense, but it was all I had. Dinking around on a computer has been my only equivalent to having friends for as long as I can remember. To make matters harder in the socialization department, I was homeschooled at that point. It was a great decision in the long run, but it solidified my anti-social behavior which had begun before then.

Eventually at one point, someone showed my father that all popular video. Finally, I was introduced to proper programming. It wasn’t all easy from there, it would take another three years and the introduction of a new programming language to understand OOP.

But then I did learn it, and I started making apps. At first, they were garbage. But after some time and three major apps later, I started work on Micron. I had first seen on a link post on and was immediately intrigued. Of course, good luck getting an account. Again, how’s a kid supposed to convince his parents to donate money to some random dude’s Kickstarter? So, I put my name into the metaphorical hat, and on November 13th, 2017, I got an email inviting me to join The next morning, I signed up, and I tried the official app. I was a bit disappointed to learn that the entire timeline was just a web view. So when I got home, I quit working on my last app and began work on Micron.

On the 17th I had finished enough to release a video demo, and the feedback was great. So I kept working on it. In January I released it to beta testers, and their feedback has been great so far. The point of this post is to say that Micron builds will be on a hiatus. I have learned so much while developing it that I want to start over on some major parts of it. Perhaps learn a bit of RxSwift along the way, you never know.

Taking a step back, most of the code in Micron now is utter garbage.

Another bad thing I did was rely on 3rd party frameworks too heavily, here is a list of all of the third-party frameworks I used in no particular order.

To become a better programmer, I believe I need to start building some of this stuff from scratch (mostly the UI stuff, using SwiftKeychainWrapper is pretty benign). I could start a new project, but I’ve been really into lately, so Micron will still exist. Heck, it might end up being a Mac app for all I know.

TLDR: Micron will still be a thing, but will be almost entirely rewritten.

Some posts from when the iPhone SDK/App Store launched.

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That was fun.