I’ve been absent from here for quite a long time. 11th grade has been a strenuous time, and I took some time to try and change who I am (surprisingly successful when you don’t know who you are). I haven’t programmed much in this time, and when I did it was mostly throwaway dabbles in C. I also stopped using macOS for a while. Even when I was developing Micron, I never had a genuine Macintosh. I have never had a Mac in my possession that ran a contemporary macOS version. I re-setup my hackintosh last night.

When I did write apps, I always had a few problems. They mostly had to do with Async web requests and closures. Since SwiftUI is a thing, I guess there’s no better time to face my fears.

I have some ideas (none of which involve bringing Micron back, sorry!).

I guess I’m here again?