Monthly Archives: October 2018

Last year in AP Computer Science, my teacher Mr. M would respond “fake news” when someone said something to him that he didn’t like. For the end of the year one of the seniors bought him one of those “Fake News” buttons. He ended up administrating my PSAT yesterday. He accidentally pressed the “Fake News” button during the test. Imagine hearing a bad Donald Trump impersonator say “Fake News” in the middle of your test.

I’ve been pretty inactive on this weblog for a while. School started, and junior year is…a thing. I really didn’t expect it to be this much harder than sophomore year. According to my sister, I had an inexplicable panic attack (based on my description, she told me it was). I’m not programming on any projects at this time. I’m going through the Khan Academy trigonometry course so I can try to take some math classes at the local community college. At this point the next while looks like burning my self out through the end of high school. :-\