Monthly Archives: July 2018

@gruber Here is the link to the ceaseless executives picture mentioned on this weeks The Talk Show:

Went back to the Hackintosh from a excursion into Linux and Windows. I left the Hackintosh because of issues with Nvidia’s mac drivers, so now I just use the integrated graphics.

Listening to podcasts where the hosts are parents and they sometimes talk about their children is one of the strangest podcast experiences that I have had. Knowing the feeling of betrayal that I would have if my parents did that, listening makes me feel guilty.

For a second there I thought that the new “Following X users you aren’t following” was a pretentious part of someone’s bio. :-)

The most annoying part of is the inability to delete a hosted microblog after the trial, because you still see that annoying banner.

[Cliche starting-at-the-climax movie opening]

Me (narrating): Look at me. I started off by coding in the highest standard of native UI APIs, working on an interesting project, with actual beta testers. Now I'm staring down the cover of a PDF for an out of print book that was written four years before I was born, with examples for Windows XP, legitimately planning on reading it. All in the quest to understand low level code. I have no idea if this is the best way to mess with a C GUI API (in fact I'm almost certain it's not).

[Fade to black. Inception trailer sound effect plays (Bwaaah)]

EDIT: Changed from “the year I was born” to “four years before I was born”.

My goal for the summer is to learn some OpenGL programming in C. To accomplish that goal I have ventured into the strange world of Win32 C programming. Toto, I think we’re not in UIKit anymore. I’m at that strange point where you just kind of have to “go with it” through the tutorial and Google what confuses you. Still struggling to understand what the heck a “calling convention” is, though that’s more of a C thing.